by Frank

If you’re here because you’re interested in buying or selling a used car and you’d like some help, you’ve come to the right person! I’m devoted to helping people just like you buy their next used car or sell their current used vehicle. Contact me.

What I Do

I help people buy and sell used cars and I provide this important service as an independent Oregon used car consultant in the Portland metro area. I provide on-site services including consulting, researching, inspecting, negotiating, getting a used car ready for sale and DMV assistance through the whole car buying or selling process.

Purchasing cars is easy for me since I follow a time-tested formula. It’s a collection of measures that constantly produces great results, without fail.

My personal car buying service is a product of years of car buying experience. And I know what it takes to sell a used car for top dollar.

Everything from understanding how to determine whether a used car is great, to doing a genuine automobile inspection, understanding the dealer tricks and traps and much more. No matter if you’re buying from a dealer or private party, in no time you’ll be far ahead of others that enter into the used car buying process without the aid of experienced guidance.