Car Detailing Packages

by Frank
Car Detailing Packages

Whether you drive a kid-hauler or a sports car, my final purpose is to renew, refresh, and restore your automobile. I would love a chance to make your vehicle look and feel better than ever. Have questions or need to set up an appointment?

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Details by Frank Packages

Executive Wash

This is no ordinary wash. This is an hour-long (or longer) complete scrub down of your vehicle. No carwash will get your car this clean. In fact, no other car detailer in Portland will wash your car to this level. My handwash is better than most auto details!

Exterior:  I meticulously hand wash the exterior of your vehicle with premium high-quality automotive shampoo. During this process, I go over each panel of your car with a fine-tooth-comb and remove sap, road tar and other impurities that get stuck on your paint and ruin the finish. This process generally takes 60-90 minutes or more as I am very thorough and detail-oriented.

I clean everything on the exterior of your car. Nobody does it better. I get all sap off the glass and I clean wheels and tires to like-new condition. I will use a very high-quality scratch-free microfiber towel to dry your car. I will wipe and clean all door-jambs and apply low-shine tire dressing to wheels. The exterior of your car will look like as close to perfect as possible. That’s a guarantee.

Interior: In the same way I painstakingly clean the exterior of your vehicle, I do the same on the inside.  I wipe down everything in every corner of your interior. I clean vinyl and leather seats and I clean up cloth seats as well as they can be cleaned. I don’t use harsh chemicals and I won’t armor-all your interior heavily, just enough.

At this price, I do not shampoo carpets, but I will spot clean them. Center consoles, cupholders and other areas that get heavy amounts of crud will all be cleaned. The interior will look as new as it can look and the glass will be completely wiped and cleaned.

Price: $100.00

Ultimate Wash

The Ultimate wash is the same as the Executive wash with the exception of a hand-wax. With my Ultimate Wash package, I will also hand wax your car, truck or SUV. I am an expert in this process and will remove the wax perfectly for a swirl-free finish.

Price: $200.00

Full Detail

Show your car how much you care. In addition to above, I’ll Clay Bar your car’s paint to remove embedded dirt, tar, sap, and droppings that dull your shine, followed by my 2-Step Paint Recondition Process of premium polishes and 100% pure Carnauba Wax. With this package, I will also shampoo interior by hand and clean engine compartment and trunk.

Price: $400