Used Car Buying Service

by Frank
Used Car Buying Service

My private used car buying services are available for you as long as you live, or you have the ability to take delivery of the vehicle, in Portland, Oregon or the greater Portland metro area. If you live outside this area then you may use my consultation services.

When buying a used car you have two choices:

  • Pre-owned from a dealer, or
  • Used from a private party

Whichever choice you make I can help.

As a professional car buyer I visit used car dealerships or private-party owners daily, and what I see going on isn’t a pretty sight. People with their heads in their hands, exasperated and sometimes close to tears. My heart goes out to them.

My customers, on the other hand, are undergoing something refreshingly different. For my clients, the approach is pleasant and effective with none of the back and forth haggling or drama most associated with dealers. My customers are shining with delight, unscathed by the used car buying process and paying far less compared to people going at it by themselves.

My Used Car Buying Process

As a general rule of thumb, I don’t recommend buying used cars under $12,000. That said, I am a real expert at finding cheap used cars (under $10K) that are safe, reliable and in great working condition. Watch my video review of a 2000 Mercury Grand Marquis I recently picked up for just $3,000. Great car!

How it works

There’ll be an initial phone consultation where we’ll talk about precisely which sort of vehicles are the very best and which sort of options you’re looking for.  Then you give me a wish list of what you’re looking for in a vehicle. For example, you might be looking for certain options in an automobile; 2 or 4 doors, automatic or stick and certain features or color combinations.

Next, I choose your wish list and put it together with my time-tested listing of criteria including the following: accident free, original owner, dealer maintained, garage kept, proper documents, highway miles and other difficult to find factors which, in the long run, make for a very well kept vehicle that will provide you years of safe and dependable service. Most, if not all these standards will be fulfilled.


There’s a whole lot of work involved in locating a used car that best matches your wish list and my standards.

  • I will have sifted through hundreds of ads and called on just the cars that pass my test for high quality. The 1-3 cars that I finally look at are the best of the best.
  • I also will have assessed the whole history of the vehicle and provided a thorough on-site review and inspection.

Finally, I can negotiate on your behalf if you desire, getting you the best used car at the best price. I sit through the bargain beside you making sure the approach is straightforward and clear.

Whether it’s a car dealer or private seller, they quickly realize that I know used cars and they can’t use smoke and mirrors tricks on me. As your car consultant, I have enormous influence and will get you the best deal on the best used car your budget can afford.

My Fees

$500 flat rate. I will talk to you about your options and provide you an overview on how we can work together. If after this free phone consultation you’re prepared to use my services, I ask for a minimal $100 retainer for me to locate your vehicle.

When the deal is finalized and you’re completely happy with the procedure, I collect an additional $400 for beginning to end service. Click here to pay retainer.

Additional Service

If you’re unclear about the sort of used car you’re looking for I’ve come up with a unique service known as, “The Discovery Day.” This is a 1/2 day where you and I just go out and drive numerous cars. It’s a refreshing approach to test drive and “discover” the types of cars that feel good to you. It’s a delightful and rewarding day to understand what car is right for you. I charge an additional $100 for this valuable service.

Contact me and let’s talk used cars!