Used Car Selling Service

by Frank
Used Car Selling Service

First off: Don’t trade your used vehicle in at a dealership. They won’t give you near what the vehicle is worth retail. Sure they make it simple, but so do I and I get a whole lot of that cash back into your pocket!

Procedure for Selling a Used Car

The following is what I do in a typical sale where I represent you and your car so as to get top dollar:

  1. Market analysis
  2. Photograph car with wide angle lens in an appropriate setting
  3. Write and post Craigslist ad with my phone number
  4. Run a Vehicle History Report for the prospective buyer
  5. Show car to prospective buyers
  6. Secure guaranteed funds to you
  7. Transfer title and file all DMV related paperwork

I will stage high-quality photo shoots featuring an appropriate background. I oversee the paperwork process and make sure the funds are transferred securely in your account or directly into your hand. I have many local references who have utilized my unique service.

My Fees

I charge a minimum of $500 and any additional costs (auto detail or video). This covers everything for the whole procedure from beginning to end. Cars that sell for over $13,500 I charge a flat rate of 5% of the final sale price. Detail and video fee are asked upfront. See extra services below.

Extras Services

I know what it takes to sell a used car fast and for top dollar. You don’t need a bunch of silly add-ons, but auto-detailing and video reviews of cars are big and it sells cars faster and for more money. I’m happy to talk to you at length about the benefits of each if you want to sell your used car for the most money, but below you’ll find detailed information on both extras.

Auto Detail

If you are planning to sell your used car, a pre-sale deep clean is essential in your to-do list. Even though it might seem like an unnecessary investment, the advantages are clear. A comprehensive car detail will help you:

  • Increase your asking price
  • Sell your vehicle faster
  • And make your vehicle look newer

To put it simply, the detailing job will pay for itself and then some. Your car will fetch more on the open market, and it’ll sell faster. It’s a simple decision to make. I can do a complete interior and exterior detail. And while there is a fee, the return on that investment is genuinely high. You don’t have to take my word for it, do your own research online.

Video Walkaround

Want to sell your used car faster? Attach a video. Video sells cars.

If you really want to sell your used car faster, you should let me do a walk-around video review and put it up on my growing YouTube channel with a link back to your Craigslist ad in the description.

In the last 28 days, my YouTube channel has received 82,237 minutes in watch time and 19,010 views. My car channel is popular and growing. I can back that up with proof also. As I continue to grow, my videos will take more and more views. IF you let me do a walkaround video review of your used car, you will get more interested prospects.

It’s no-brainer marketing!

I know SEO and if I put a video of your used car for sale on my YouTube channel and optimize the video and link to your ad in the description… you WILL get more inquiries and sell that car faster. That’s a fact. You can do your own homework on how video sells more cars.

Search engine giant Google, which owns YouTube.com, says more than half of car shoppers watch at least a half hour of video during the used car buying process. One in four watches an hour or longer, Google says.

Why Choose Me?

In the end, I will command top dollar for your used car, truck or SUV and sell it with no hassles for you. I will have more than made up my fee using a higher selling price. And the best thing is that I do all the tricky work for you. Questions? Contact me.